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Vietnam War

one of over 50,000 babies born with defects after Agent Orange is used in Vietnam

During the Vietnam War over 12 million gallons of herbicides were sprayed by the United States over South Vietnam during the Vietnam War to defoliate to expose hiding places, and to destroy crops planted by the Vietcong.  The three herbicides that were used, Agent White, Agent Blue, and Agent Orange, destroyed 14% of the mangrove forests, and 30% of the hardwood forests.  In addition, the Agent Orange was 1000 times more toxic than domestic herbicides, and contained toxic chemical compounds called dioxins that led to the death or serious illness of 500,000 Vietnamese people.  The dioxin concentration in the breast milk of Vietnamese mothers is 450 times what is found in the United States.  Soft tissue cancers, skin diseases, urological disorder, and birth defects are all caused by these increased dioxin concentrations.

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