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Why Organic Farm?

Organic Farming is the Way to Go!


Through organic farming people can live a healthier life without the worry of cancer causing genetically modified foods.  Even though organic food may cost a little bit more, it is well worth it because it is an investment in one’s own health.  The environment has fewer problems with organic farming since there are not any chemicals being brought or left in the environment.  There is no need to worry if the chemicals used will break-down in the environment or how long this will take to happen.  There is also no concern of whether or not unexpected affects will occur in higher trophic levels due to either biomagnification or bioaccumulation.  Organic farming is the best solution for this 10,000 acre plot of land because there will not be health problems caused in the nearby town by pesiticides that move in the air currents and the town will still benefit from the food that is grown so close that there is no extreme transportation cost.  Organic farming has a great chance of helping the environment and the people living nearby by providing healthier food, even if it is slightly more expensive.


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